Our Mission

In 2013 the collective 121 Creatives were formed. Our projective is to build bridges, nurture partnerships and to maintain a solid relationship that challenges the status quo.

We aim to complete a project from its infancy till it grows legs to become an entity of its own. 121 Creatives ethos is to leave an identity on every project – it is a simple way of distinguishing ourselves from the herd.

We symbolise the need to fill a creative void - a meeting of like minded individuals who inspire to make an imprint in there chosen craft.

Film Directors, Editors, Graphic Designer, Product and Fashion Designers and musicians all come under the umbrella of the 121 Creatives mantra. There is no dictatorship of the consultancy we chose to steer one another in the creative wave that is forever changing its course. The key is to inspire each other, thus in-turn makes the end product more authentic and less synthetic.

Who we are

We are a creative collective that’s made up Graphic, Product, Media, and Fashion design. 121 Creatives are a group of collectives from two cities – London and Bristol that came together based on a shared interest in the creative field.     The 121 would symbolise the distance in miles between London and Bristol.

What we do

We are a think tank that forges ideas and projects and collaborations with Brands, Media, Creative industry, Charity Organisations, and at times dip our toes into the corporate world.