In 2013 the collective 121 Creatives were formed. The numerable 121 would symbolise the distance between London and Bristol and how both individuals who live in separate cities were able to exchange ideas between miles electronically.

For us at 121 Creatives it was purely our appreciation for design that’s linked us together. Our vision was and still is about designing something that is unique and has Longevity!  

The 121 Creatives Influences stretches far vast and wide, such as ; Hip-Hop culture, Saul Bass, David Carson, Futura 2000, The UK underground music scene, to name but a few, helped played a part to enrich our imaginations.

The 121 Creatives blueprint for designs are thought provoking and universally accessible to everyone who can relate to it!! - Fashion, Sport, Music and Art! are all things that are culturally embraced and we at 121 Creatives absorb the sub cultures which fuels our creativity to produce quality of work.




With over 10 years worth of experience in Graphic Design. Working on various projects that include, Posters, Flyers, business cards, CD covers and advertising campaigns from marketing and corporate.



Freelance graphic designer for about 10 years, working for a number of well-known independent record labels such as mercury records, K7 and Full Cycle Records responsible for CD covers, poster, flyers, brochure, promotion, marketing and Illustration material.