J Dilla born James Dewitt Yancey is one of the most prolific Hip Hop producers of his era - a creator of a beat driven sonic sound that resonated with all urban music followers from the mid 90s till 2000's. 

Born in Detroit Michigan, JDilla was a 70's baby who was influenced by black American music from his peers ranging from Soul, Jazz and eventually Hip Hop in his teenage years.

It was the mid-nineties that J Dilla began to find his calling as a producer. J Dilla would form a group with class mates in Detroit named Slum Village which would gain a cult underground following - still J Dilla kept on producing beat tapes which would eventually catch the ears of the Hip Hop fraternity.

De la Soul were the first groups to show admiration for J Dilla's skill on the MPC Drum machine, which would eventually catch the ears of Q-Tip from a Tribe Called Quest.

As J Dilla reputation grew, his clientele of artist where lining up to have a piece of his signature sound ranging from Tribe Called Quest, De la Soul, Common, D Angelo, Soulquarians and many more.

It was ill health which saw J Dilla develop Lupus which slowed him down physically, but not creatively, as he continued to produce beats from a wheel chair, and eventually from a hospital bed which saw his demise on February 10th 2006, he was 32 years old.

Hundred One Creatives are paying respects to J Dilla via the 'Detroit Hump' poster print, which is a visual tribute to J Dilla's influential sound. Hundred One Creatives are also making the celebration extra special as we will feature a mixtape of J Dilla's music as a free download.

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